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The truth about group classes

The truth about group classes:

So while group classes are really great, and I have some really respected trainers & friends who teach them, they are absolutely in NO WAY shape or form sustainable. And a few of them will say this!

Because the thing about it is, is that no matter if it is 5 or if it is 30 clients in one room, to keep everyone moving (finding a balance between everyone’s pace so that they are satisfied and feel like they are getting a good workout) you have to ramp it up a little higher than the normal. Especially for most because you will have advanced people, intermediates, and beginners all in one class.

So if you are going to these classes every single time you workout, they are basically training you to go all out intensity every single time you go to the gym. And you have to understand that if you are not familiar with working out by yourself or just working out in general, this does NOT create a healthy long term habit/pace. At least not something you can carry with you long term.

More is not always better. Your heart rate does not need to be 160-185 the whole time when you are working out. Nor do you need to superset everything or circuit everything you are doing. Group classes are a good ADD ON. Not your every day routine. And trust me, you won’t get to your weight loss goals/learn a good routine faster by having your heart rate at 180 while doing weights.

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