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These sessions can be used accordingly but you will find that the best way to use them are 2-3x times a week.

((This package will either you take you 1.5 months if used twice a week or it will be 1 month if used three times a week)).


This is for ONE HOUR sessions - one on one with your personal trainer. Location is set accordingly (could be virtual, could be at the gym ((chosen by the trainer)), or could even be at your desired location but must be approved beforehand)!


    This program includes the following:

    ~12 hours of ONE ON ONE training - in person or virtually

    ~Outlined options for a diet plan catered to your goals

    ~A set of workout plans for the entire month (if applicable and set accordingly)

    ~Weekly check ins to keep accountable

    ~Adjustments to the program - made accordingly - whenever they are needed

    ~24/7 communication via text or email

    ~Cardio and supplementation recommendations if it applies to your program


    Additional help with this program may include:

    ~A grocery list of things to get weekly

    ~Weekly check ins include: check in photos (if applicable), body weight, tape measurements (if applicable), how the program went during the week/weekend, how your workouts went during the week/weekend, where you struggled, where you excelled, and more!

    ~Phone calls when needed

    ~Pep talks & mental support when needed

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