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"Sarah was my first coach to train me for competition. I started with little knowledge of the competition world. I gained so much valuable information from Sara as she led me on a well guided diet and training program. She was patient, yet firm in keeping me on track. After just 4 months I saw a dramatic transformation in my overall physique. I saw results I didn’t think I’d ever achieve. I highly recommend Sarah to help you attain your optimal fitness goals."

Beth Troyer

"Ive been training in the gym for over a decade. I have also competed in body building for a few years. So I know a lot about training, but Sarah will make you do new exercises that you typically don’t like or won’t do training yourself! She will push you to your limits! You want results and A lot of knowledge of what to do? Let Sarah train you!"

Dylan Richmond

"I have gone through a lot of trainers in my 4 years of training and I can honestly say Sarah is my favorite and the one trainer I have seen the most results with! Not only does she give you a meal plan, access to her basically 24/7, but she also trains and gets you where you want to be. She is reasonable, smart, honest, hardworking, and overall an amazing person. I would definitely recommend her to anyone willing to put in the time to become the best version of themselves."

Sarah Stewart

"Sarah took me on when I was at an extreme low point in my life. She helped me not only love working out but love living life again! She will not only inspire your body but your mind to be the best that you can be ❤️. Basically, Sarah’s a rock star and will always be a rock in my life! You can’t go wrong training with this young woman."


"As someone brand new to fitness Sarah never once made me feel dumb, she educated me, motivated me, and is a great support system if youre new or a fitness veteran. I love working with Sarah!"

Laura Frazier

"Sarah completely changed my outlook on life! She inspired me beyond words and encourages me every day. My body and mind and daily habits have turned into a healthy and productive routine that I am so grateful for! You are the best, Sarah!! Oh! And I’ve been training with Sarah for 6 years now and won’t miss a session!"

Daniele Fazekas

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